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D6 Diesel Fuel Oil

D6 Diesel Fuel Oil

Our quality analysis wing comprises deft professionals who conduct strict checks for ensuring zero-defect products. According to your convenience, to pay for an order, our company can settle on a method of payment. We are familiar with online and offline payment methods. We only want to make payment safe and secure for you.

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Analysis : Sample was analyzed according to GOST methods. The following are the result of analysis performaed at the SGS VOSTOK LIMITED Laboratory in Russian Federation.

Component Unit Min Max
Density at 15 Deg (oC) Kg/L 0.820 0.860
Color, ASTM     2.5
Flash Point, PMCC Deg C(oC) 55 55
Kinematic Viscosity at 40 Deg C (oC) CST 2 4.5
Pour Point Deg C(oC) (*) -10.0
Cloud Point Deg C(oC) (*) -5.0
Mercaptan Sulphur     0.01
Acidity, Mg/1000 cm3     5
Lodine Number g/100g   6
Ash %wt   0.01
Total Sulphur %wt 0 0.005 or 50 ppm
Copper Corrosion 3 hrs at 50 (oC) (typical) 1A
CCR on 10% Residues %wt   0.20
Cetane index   50  
Distillation Range      
-50% Recovered Volume Deg C(oC)   280
-90%Recovered Volume Deg C(oC)   360
-Bacteria MBC Fiber/it   500
-Bacteria CFU Fiber/it   1000
Fame Content % Volume     1.7-2.2
Lubricity (HFRR), Wear Scar Dia, @60oC Micron Max     460
Methy Laurate (C12 ME) % Mass Min     0.8
Water % Volume     0.05
Water & Sediment % Vol. Max     0.10

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