About Us

Rajasa Petrochem Trades in refined petroleum and all associated petrochemical products.

As a Group, Rajasa Petrochem has over 35 years' experience with a 100% success rate for on-customer requested spec. Our experienced Trading Desk operates strategically to offer the best possible pricing structures, all Rajasa Petrochem operations are managed by a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals.

The combination of our integrity, impeccable track record and exceptional performance in energy trading are the key factors behind our success and reputation in the market.

During the past few years the global energy markets have expanded and contracted whilst the US Dollar has collapsed and rebounded. Notwithstanding these challenges, the management of Rajasa Petrochem has systematically built on its expertise and performance with total sales in excess of 5 Million USD across 100 cargo shipments worldwide.

Rajasa Petrochem proven performance and a clear understanding of local cultures gives us the ability to maximize on cross-cultural and close personal relationships at the highest levels with producers, giving Rajasa Petrochem a very unique competitive advantage.

Solid Team
We believe that together everyone achieves more and being united in purpose and action, we will turn the diversity of our people, skills and experience into an unparalleled source of strength.

Success And Honesty
We will always listen first and then act with openness, honesty and integrity so that our relationships flourish.

We will find new ways and will set demanding targets and take both tough decisions and considered risks to achieve them. We will insist on exceptional excellence and reward those who deliver.

The environment is our responsibility to preserve and protect for future generations.

Risk Management
Our ability to analyze, identify and mitigate operational risk is a key to achieving timely deliveries for our clients.